Lerocon Confeeder Compact Insertion

Description – Work Flow

  1. The machine operator selects recipe (article number) in the operating panel and load the ingoing parts on the belt conveyor.
  2. The parts is fed into the vision system that sends coordinates to the robot.
  3. The robots picks the parts from the belt conveyor and position it to the
    insert unit.
  4. All nuts or bolts is fed by Lerocon UniFeeder and mounted in the insert
  5.  Handling robot control the part byt vision system and put the finished
    parts on the out conveyor or in box on out conveyor.

High flexibility with integrated vision system for handling robot and UniFeeder Nut & Bolt feeder!

The standard cell includes

  • Robot Fanuc M10iD
  • Lerocon C-frame Insertion Unit with up to 30 ton press force
  • Lerocon GPR insertion tools
  • Lerocon UniFeeder – Flexible Nut and Bolt Feeder System
  • Camera stand with lightning adapted for vision system
  • RSP Tool changer with swivel for manual tool changing
  • Lerocon HMI operating panel. (Swedish and English version)
  • Belt conveyor for in- and output of parts, adapted for quality assurance and short cycle times. The output conveyor stops at a machine error. When the operator has acknowledged the error and started the cell again, the conveyor runs backwards for a while and then go back to normal operation
  • Possible to stack parts on the output conveyor. (Quality function that runs the conveyor backwards will not work in this case)
  • Function for control of parts with preselected range, included in PLC- and robot program
  • Safety fence, included 1 door with lock
  • Movable platform for easy installation. Size adapted for transportation in container
  • CE-marking according to European Directive
  • Complete documentation, delivered in digital format
  • Try out in Lerocon facilities in Gislaved before delivery

Available options

  • 2-pallet system, For finished parts and be able to change pallet during production.
  • Gripper stand and automatic tool changing.
  • Customized grippers and tools.
  • Box buffer and packaging
  • Commissioning.
  • Additional nut/bolt feeder.