Number One in Nut & Bolt Assembly

Lerocon develops and provides efficient, flexible production solutions for handling and mounting fasteners on sheet metal and aluminum parts.

Our focused focus will make us the given choice as a supplier of both individual machines and complete solutions for automated assembly of both welded and pressed fasteners.

Lerocon Confeeder compact

A modular and flexible detailed feed system from Lerocon, designed for fast installation, short cycle times and with features for maximum quality assurance and traceability.

Confeeder can be combined with other systems, products and available options from Lerocon.

C-Frame Electric

C-Frame Electric is our new machine model, specialized for automated nut- and bolt welding. With the servo-driven welding head we provide unbeatable flexibility, high speed nut welding and low air consumption!

High speed production

Servo driven machine with high speed that enables optimization of stroke and short cycle times.


Machine and tool design that gives maximum flexibility to handle details of varying size and shape.


Low total due to high availability, low air consumption and low maintenance costs.

Ease of use

Adapted operator interface for simple managing of machine settings.

Complete function package

Fast and easy installation and commissioning with prepared robot interface, communication and pre-installed weld and control parameters.

Quality control

Real time control functions that measures directly during the process.

C-Frame Pneumatic

C-Frame Pneumatic is our most commonly used nut- and bolt welding machine for both automated and manual production.

Our unique design of the machine and welding tool offers very high flexibility and accessibility.

Together with our available options you will have functions for complete quality assurance and probably the fastest machine available on the market.

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